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In some ways, I kind of think I've lived my life in reverse...

In my 20s / early 30s I was lucky to work all over the world... something in excess of 40 countries. That was at a time when travel was generally safe, people were pleased to see you and security was a minor consideration. This was the type of travel that many people only get to do in their retirement. These days, I'm more than happy to sit by the lake and relax. My travel bug was well and truly exorcised.

Over the years I lost 6 close friends in general aviation / gliding incidents and another 6 or more non-flying friends, mostly motorbike and vehicle crashes. Statistically they tell me this should not happen to one person. But it did. I guess it gave me a fatalistic approach to life.

Age 31, I married and had two great boys, did my utmost to raise them well and both are now fine adults. Far better than I ever was too. I guess I have done my bit. As the Darwinists, say "Nature has now finished with us!"

In 2014 I lost a great friend, who had just turned 50, to pancreatic cancer. He went from apparently healthy to dead in just over 4 weeks. His quality of life during his last few weeks was totally destroyed by the chemo he was given. In the end he refused it, knowing he had just days left.

These events have pretty much guided my own life-view. I'll enjoy life as much as I can, but having done everything I set out as my early life goals, I have no illusions about the myth of a golden old age. If and when I get diagnosed with something nasty, I plan to have a party with my family then one cold night, slip outside and enjoy the lake view until I go all warm and happy and drift away. (Having Winter temperatures of -45C can be useful at times!) If it occurs in Summer, I'll leave a note not to come looking for me, go for a paddle on the Great Lakes and vanish.

We'll see what happens. Best to have no illusions about ones 'right' to live forever. That's vanity.
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