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By the time I was 30, I had lost eleven good friends who all died violently in RAF aircraft accidents
When I joined the RAF I didn't expect to see my 30th birthday. The number of people I have known who have died in aeroplane accidents is horrendous; I stopped counting at forty, yet I don't know of anybody killed in a road accident.

Aviation has been good to me. I have travelled over a major part of the world either at 30,000 ft. or 300 ft.. I was among the last to be trained on real aircraft; i.e. Provost T1 and Vampire and flew around most of the old Commonwealth on tankers.

Helicopters was the watershed. That took me to places that would be impossible for others forms of aviation. From Belize to the Solomon Islands with a multitude of places in between including most of Western Europe, Cyprus, Malaysia, Borneo, Hong Kong, Australia and my favourite, China. With this from of flying you are down with the people that live there, not cruising from one hotel to the other.

Three scores years and ten and I'm on a 10% bonus already. I have overcome prostrate cancer without chemo and I can stroll the three miles into town effortlessly. I don't expect to pop my clogs yet, my father lasted until 90 and my mother until 92 and she was still on 30/day.

Maybe it's because I didn't stop drinking/smoking/jumping into bed with strange women until very late in life and I didn't stop flying until I was 69.

(That's the jumping into bed bit. The PC stopped that).

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