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That is what we witnessed at 1445 hrs. EDST this very day - a near total solar eclipse!

When one experiences such a thing, one is bound to feel tiny, insignificant, and devoid of meaning.

One might experience an immense sense of gratitude as well, having been gifted with eyes to perceive the dimming of the light, ears to hear the silence, skin to feel the palpable diminishment of ambient temperature, a nose to sweep the fecund blossoms and leaves left before the advent of fall, and the taste of a full-bodied ale lifted in toast to Old Luna who, with great infrequency, obtunds Old Sol!

One spends profound moments of empathy with Goudie, Boxkite, and Loose Rivets. Gentlemen all; who, just as the rest of us, have tremendously heavy crosses to bear. None of them lived so long nor spilled parts of their secret souls here without being made of the strongest steel, forged in the hottest white/blue fires. Let us pray that each of them remembers their immense innate strength! Let us hope that they recall their own gentility and patience

When I first learned the sky back in 1977, my flight instructor, who had 22,000 hours aloft and could teach, called "our" Cessna 152, 757WW, "Double Shot". During my very first lesson, he turned to me at 5,000 feet and said: "You realize that you're flying a bunch of loose rivets in formation!" I always paid extra attention during preflights thereafter and always pay attention to Loose Rivets! Cheer Up, Sir! You are an inspiration to so many, some 'cross the pond. Depression seems not to divide its horrid self longitudinally. We beat it as the team we are! Globally. Never give up! You laugh harder than you weep! Right?

Boxkite Montgolfier: you are the best of both worlds! Sixty years ago my Father and I built a Ben Franklin-inspired box kite. It flew like a champion at the end of a thousand meters of line. It was a little spot up amongst breeding cumuli. Dad handed me the loom from which he had unraveled monofilament that late summer day and held me by the shoulders to make sure that I should not become Icarus! That kite could pull! I have been aloft many times in hot air balloons - Shenandoah Valley, Southern Appalachians, California's Imperial Valley. I was, more often than not, accompanied by pulchritudinous females with big (American, British, Australian, Latvian, etc.) breasts. They would giggle with the champagne, cheese, and grapes that awaited us at touchdown. I would look skyward. I would want to be back up there. Hold your son tightly as he fights his battle. As you, he fights with valor and courage. As you, he has the gentility and ultimate irresistible strength of a hot air balloon's lift-off. He is probably stronger than you. You both have an embrace from me from far away.

Goudie: I cannot tell you how deeply I abhor Alzheimer's! I cannot tell you how much I admire you for sticking by your Bride's side as she slips away. She does not suffer: it is often and truthfully said that the bludgeon of Alzheimer's falls on the patient's loved ones, not the victim, who gets to relive childhood or... My cerebration is not what it was once, but I assure you that in your time of suffering there is a guy 'cross the pond who's right there by your side. Understanding. Never surrender! Plus, I love Gouda cheese and think of you every time I spread same upon a cracker!

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how eclipses are...

- Ed

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