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Originally Posted by Pontius Navigator View Post
Recc, your statement seems to suggest a similar conclusion to mine.
Broadly similar, but the starting position (for apportioning blame) is that a collision requires a fault by both parties. Obviously there are exceptions to that, but as a general rule it is useful, and particularly so when there is a big disparity in manoeuvrability (in favour of the stand on vessel).

Your observation that the destroyer looks to have been at low speed is interesting (I hadn't thought of that). However, from the point of view of the COLREGS, underway is the relevant standard, regardless of whether or not she was making way and I doubt she would have been anchored in the position that the collision was reported. Ultimately, with out knowing the respective actions leading up to the collision (I wonder whether the AIS track is available for either or both vessels), you can't make a judgement, but I would be very surprised if at least some responsibility wasn't placed onto the US crew, even if the merchant vessel was the give way vessel.
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