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We know that the mership hit the warship. What we don't know is who made the manoeuvre into the collision position? Was the warship overtaking and tried to cross ahead? Was the Mership passing and executed a turn to starboard?

Was the warship even underway at the time?

When Overtaking Another Boat: The boat being overtaken is the privileged vessel. Only after signaling and receiving an acknowledgment can the overtaking boat pass. (Use on blast to pass on the right, and two blasts to pass on the left.

Until we know how the manoeuvres were performed can charges be brought.

Looking at the collision alone it would appear to have been at very low speed as the damage is massive but localised. Looking at the horizontal extent of the damage the warship would not appear to have been travelling fast.

To me it looks as if the mership was the one at fault but as I said, until we know more.
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