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Originally Posted by sitigeltfel View Post
The destroyer was struck square on, on the port side, suggesting that by the rules of the sea, it had right of way. There are maneuvering and lookout issues to consider, but apportioning blame right now would by any measure, be overly premature.

That seems a reasonable conclusion, but we don't know if the warship was manoeuvring at the time. Also, the COLREGS state that when it becomes apparent to the stand on vessel that action by the give way vessel alone will be insufficient to avoid a collision, then the stand on vessel must take avoiding action. Given the performance differences between a modern destroyer and a 30,000t tanker, this should have been apparent to the crew of the warship long before a collision became unavoidable.

There seem to be very few scenarios where a substantial proportion of the blame wouldn't fall on the US crew.
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