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When is it time to say goodbye?

With the (inevitable) departure of Brucie at the grand old age of 89 (inevitable because nobody lives forever), how do others view their ultimate demise?
Almost 30 years ago I was convinced that I was facing sudden imminent death (ie I was surprised when the ambulance reached the hospital and I was declared to have a healthy heart), having travelled on blues and twos with oxygen.
Following major surgery I was 'renewed' and now I am 'average for my age', but resigned to the fact that I have accomplished my three-score-years-and-ten.
I have procreated successfully and my children have also procreated successfully, so I consider that my job is done.
I am not morbid, nor do I have burning desire to accelerate the process.
I read the obituaries to ascertain whether I am listed, and carry on if I don't appear.
I appreciate that there are people on PPRuNe who have significant life-threatening conditions (which I no longer do), and my sympathy is with you.

For the rest of you, who, like me are in the twilight zone, what is your attitude for the next 20 years?
Are you working on your bucket list?
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