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UPRT is not part of a basic flight training course; please see EASA Opinion 06/2017 for a more complete explanation. And direct the attention of 22Gp to the topic....

I recall once talking to a ba A320 TRI. He was emphatic that it was impossible to stall an A320; sadly, he had little idea of the flight envelope protection available in anything except Normal Law, yet he was an instructor on type.

Nevertheless, what sort of idiot would ever allow a student to fly a solo navex without having flown either a sector recce or other out-of-circuit solo consolidation exercise beforehand?

That 'outline interim common core syllabus' doesn't even include solo flapless or low level circuits. 'Familiarisation' and EoC 1/2 are allocated 1:00 in total... But what on earth is 1:00 of 'circuit turns'?

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