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Non-aerobatic RAF pilots???

Do I hear right? Does the latest 'common core' EFT syllabus really include no aerobatics before pilots are streamed? So that those going to the Phenom will never have turned their bums to the sun by the time they gain their wings ??

At a time when EASA Opinion 06/2017 proposes mandatory UPRT / LOC-I training for multi-crew pilots, it seems odd that the RAF does not appear to have embraced a parallel training requirement:

This Opinion proposes to integrate upset prevention and recovery training (UPRT) requirements and provisions into the EU pilot training regulatory framework. The proposed training requirements aim to provide pilots with competencies to prevent upsets or to recover from developed upsets. The main focus of the new training standards is on pilots who intend to pursue a pilot career with a commercial airline. Such pilots would likely complete either an aeroplane airline transport pilot licence (ATPL) or a multi-crew pilot licence (MPL) integrated training course, followed by training to act as a pilot in a multi-crew environment on respective aircraft. The proposed pilot training aims to deliver enhanced pilot competencies through additional upset-prevention- and upset-recovery-related theoretical knowledge (TK) and flight instruction for the commercial aeroplane licences. The newly developed advanced UPRT course, which is to be mandated as an addendum to ATP and MPL training courses and also to serve as a prerequisite prior to commencing the first type rating course in multi-pilot operations, is seen as an important step towards enhancing a commercial pilotís resilience to the psychological and physiological aspects often associated with upset conditions. In support of the new standards, the proposals place greater emphasis on the training of instructors involved in the flight and synthetic training who are foreseen to deliver the various UPRT elements.
Full text here: https://www.easa.europa.eu/system/fi...%2006-2017.pdf

I also hear that the new 'common core' EFT syllabus includes a mere 1:05 of solo circuit consolidation, but no other solo flying before the luckless student is sent off on a 1:00 solo navex. No solo sector recce, no solo PFL / steep turn exercises - and yet it's OK to send the poor sod off for the first time on his own out of the circuit on a 1:00 navex? Who on earth did the risk assessment for that piece of folly?

Has the RAF training world gone completely tonto...
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