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Originally Posted by Laarbruch72 View Post
Really? You think another tenner on the fare discourages anyone?

At my last airline the most troublesome route was UK to Montego Bay (so a high fare to begin with), often involving "premium" passengers (so even more expensive), this was despite the airline also offering a vast number of cheap Balearic routes and similar as the main fayre.

It's not a simplistic situation of "poor and drunk passengers behave worse than any other "better off" demographic". It's way more complicated than that, with all sorts of cultural, societal and operational issues at play.
Yes, it would discourage a percentage, a family of four on a round trip, that's GBP80.00, many of these people didn't fly until these silly fares came in ... and I speak having worked for, and flew many a time with, Europe's first low-cost airline ... the airline that invented low-cost airlines1
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