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There used often to be NOTAMs for the area round China Lake (big US Navy research base in the desert in SoCal*) concerning GPS disruption. I believe they were testing this kind of capability. Haven't seen any for a while, I guess that now aviation depends on GPS it would be kind of embarrassing to send all the LAX arrivals to Hawaii. If the US can do it, I'm sure the Russians can too.
They're constantly testing, at China Lake and throughout the country:

CHLK GPS 17-05
5-31 August, 2017
China Lake, CA

GPS testing is scheduled as follows and may result in unreliable or unavailable GPS signal.

A. Location: Centered at 360759N1173215W or the BTY VOR 210 degree radial at 055 NM.

B. Dates and times:
5 – 6 AUG 17 1630Z – 2359Z
22 – 24 AUG 17 1630Z – 2359Z
29 – 31 AUG 17 1630Z – 2359Z
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