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I was reading through this forum yesterday and decided to apply. I got an "invitation" to the first assessment 25 minutes after I submitted my application. Not sure I want to spend 295 GBP and about another 100 GBP to fly down from Glasgow to attend.

I was accepted onto the easyJet MPL in 2015 but I couldn't take up my place because my loan arrangements fell through.

Loan underwriting is the only way I'd be able to take a place, like many of you on this forum. I'm in two minds about going down.

On one hand I'm thinking I can spend a few hundred pounds to go through the process, do as well as I can, and using my experience of having gone through it all before hope to get a place on route 1 and hope to get loan underwriting. If I don't, no huge loss. A few hundred pounds is a relative drop in the ocean for a career I'd love to have.

On the other hand, would it just be a waste of time and money? I really have no idea what an "exceptional candidate" looks like. I could do thorough preparation and hope to do really well - which, if I'm honest, is something I think I could have a fair crack at.

I comfortably meet the academic requirements, but I wouldn't call my academic credentials "exceptional". That variable is something I can't control, but PILAPT, group exercises, and the interview are all things that I can.

Everything surrounding the loan underwriting is very opaque. Makes me wonder if they are asking candidates who are offered it to stay quiet about it. The fact that I got a response so quickly suggests to me suggests that they don't have many applicants at the moment. If they are looking to recruit several hundred candidates - with an extended deadline for applications to the end of this year, what does that mean for the programme overall? Haven't they found the right candidates? Would they be more likely to offer underwriting if they were struggling for numbers?

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