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I won't attempt to count how many of each type each operator has, I know for sure that I would get the numbers wrong.

I have listed the types of aircraft that are actively flying at the moment. Some of the operators own other aircraft that haven't been off the ground in a long time so I have left those off the list.

Air Shakawe
C206, C210

Delta Air
C206, GA8
(I haven't seen their C210 for a while... Abezzi- you've been flying more than I have lately, have you seen/ heard it??)

Kavango Air
C172, C206, GA8

Mack Air
C206, C210, GA8, Kodiak, C208

Major Blue Air
C172, GA8, C208, B200

Moremi Air
C206, GA8

Safari Air
Ga8, Kodiak, C208

Wilderness Air
C206, GA8, C208
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