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Originally Posted by Seldomfitforpurpose View Post
A slightly different version

Brexit: UK suggests 'temporary customs union' with EU - BBC News

'According to the newly-published government paper, the UK could ask Brussels to establish a "temporary customs union" after it leaves the EU in March 2019.
But during this period, it would also expect to be able to negotiate its own international trade deals - something it cannot do as an EU customs union member.

Seems like a sensible and pragmatic approach
Hopefully not the last pragmatic move by HMG; but make no mistake, if the EU is going to run with the UK's proposal there is going to have to be some give from the UK on some of it's red lines, making them a bit less red, and almost certainly a cost attached.

I can see the usual suspects in the Conservative party in particular (Redwood, Cash, Rees-Mogg for example) being quite hostile.

I've been saying for months that one of the biggest practical problems resulting from Brexit is customs clearance of goods, without turning Kent into one enormous truck park. I'm pleased the government has admitted (defacto) that this is an issue and has some sort of plan to address it.
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