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Originally Posted by The Nip View Post

You are turning into one of those people you despise so much, Daily Mail reading common folk. Just believing something you want to blame on the current government.

As LNS clearly states, Osbourne made the changes which is causing the house price changes.

Maybe in your haste to blame everything on BREXIT, you missed your fact checking website, The Guardian.

Do keep up old boy.
Oh please ! will have offended the sensibilities of so many on here, and in the real world, by referring to Mail readers as "common folk ".....Mail readers will be reaching for their smelling salts at the mere suggestion they are common !..

Now, since you suggested I " keep up old boy " I suggest events in the real world ( where peoples economic concerns tend to be somewhat more diverse than last months Mess bill) have more relevance therefore. Here's what they entail.

You will be astounded to learn Brexit gets a mention !....I have no idea why of does the "m " word....mortgages not being worthy of t'boards commentary here on JB......

What's slowing down the UK housing market? - Business Insider

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