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Ryanair has had no qualms about diverting and throwing unruly passengers off the flight in the past - and good for them!

Although the LoCos have made it much easier for people to fly, they probably didn't realise quite what truly vile and unruly scum would be taking advantage of their low prices. But it is clearly the money-grabbing airport operators with their ridiculous Duty Free policies and open-all-hours bars who have exacerbated the situation.

This is made worse by the latest requirements to arrive at the airport some hours before flying. What else will the low life do after check-in apart from drinking themselves stupid?

Regrettably it will probably be the polite, well-behaved passengers who will suffer thanks to the antics of the drunken yobs (of both sexes) on their way to stag/hen party weekends or holiday destinations...

Good to see Jet2 taking action though - but all other airlines should follow their lead.
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