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Originally Posted by Pace View Post
The Nip

Osbourne was partially to blame but so is Brexit
I live fairly central London.
The housing market here is dire especially in Canary Wharf, Tower Bridge etc due to the fact that a lot of that market is taken by financial services
Properties which used to sell in a week are taking 6 months to a year and only sell with Major cuts
Country wide the market has slowed because of fear of Brexit and especially what Carney warned of a number of predicted Mortgage increases coming up

I am not going to disagree with your opinion. There have been several articles in the press lately criticising the Stamp Duty changes. The reports lead on to say that 'older' people won't down size, freeing up millions of bed spaces due to the rises.
True, no idea. But blaming it all on BREXIT is wrong.

The UK house market is over priced IMHO. London particularly so. Some re-alignment is well overdue.
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