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I have used the Arlanda-Vilhelmina flight quite a lot, first with Skways and then Nextjet when they took over. Without such flights Vilhelmina and similar places in the north would feel even more isolated, I can only assume that the government does and will continue to subsidise whoever operates this and other similar services.

I hope so - otherwise it could be fly to Umea and then drive for three hours in the future!

Originally Posted by davidjohnson6 View Post
Not a journalist at all - if I was, it is unlikely that I would have been on this website for almost 9 years with 3,000 posts to my name - please see my back history of my posts if you have any doubt.

While many people on this website are (to some extent) cheerleaders for their local airport, I have a personal interest in commercial passenger aviation at the smaller airports throughout Europe - I just find the smaller airlines and airports rather more interesting than the Heathrows, CDGs and Frankfurts of the world. Given your presumed location in Spain, I would be particularly interested in hearing your thoughts on whether Burgos and Ciudad Real will regain commercial passenger flights or if the new Murcia airport will open

I am very aware that some of the airports Nextjet flies to in Sweden and Finland have just one airline - I'm genuinely interested for non-commercial purposes in what will happen given Nextjet's financial situation and the possibility that the Swedish Govt introduces a departure tax on flights from Swedish airports, particularly around the small airports in Sweden
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