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Atpl questions?

Originally Posted by etiquetanegra View Post
Sorry, I just read this.
I was in Panamá this past week...

Everything it's just like whats on latestpilotjobs you can prepare the advance compas test, and have an idea of what the interview/poly test are gonna be.

This is what we gotta do on sim.
Frasca sim, flying Seneca II. Dont even worry about this, you can even fly it as its a single engine. What they are looking for is ifr nav/procedures.
MDSD rwy 17. Take off and intercept 170r outbound (almost runway heading) and climb to 3000.
4nm arc (right or left) with your HSI, but you can be checking your RMI. Cross 90 radials and thats it.
Then, vector for ILS. They vector you to a point around 2nm before the FAF and descent to 2000. On DA go around and shoot a missed approach as instructed by ATC. Do a holding and then CAVOK! So VFR landing on rwy 35.

They can not do ir easier, I have nothing to say about their screening. In addition, really nice hotel for you to rest and study. Good restaurant with lunch and dinner included. Transportation always on time. Everything as schedule. So prepare your self and good luck!!!!

Could you give me some feedback about the atpl questions if is the same as lpj??
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