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Originally Posted by Speed Twelve View Post
just another jocky; BEagle.

There are plenty of ex front-line people in the training system. Of the five at my current unit, 3 have plenty of time flying ops in everything from Corporate to Herrick, one is ex- Ground Branch commission, then myself, a mere ex officer cadet.

The customer appears inordinately happy with the product. I fully understand that there was a time when everything was done 'in-house', but times move on. Some of the punchiest QFIs I've flown with didn't serve full-time. It isn't a prerequisite. It also doesn't necessarily result in a lack of military ethos.
Speed Twelve, I wasn't decrying the use of non-military QFIs at all, just that military QFIs, in my opinion, should form the backbone of a QFI cadre in training. There are plenty of excellent civilian contractor FIs and if you took any other meaning from my posts, I apologise.

I think the issue is where do we get military QFIs in the future?
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