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TC? You're first.... feel better..?

Ensconced and pampered by long-lash'd boys
the loiness reclines, awhirl with dreams
of plots diabolical and further ploys
to fulfill her Macchiavellian schemes.

With flippant fluency, taunts and riposte
our Maitre 'D in prose non-pareil reigns
more fur and feathers bound to be lost
when impugned offence she dramatically feigns.

From Draper Towers, his bastion impregnable
sentinel cynicism unassailable,
Showers the Malay horde with oil unquenchable
then snipes with witticism sharp and available.

Long into the dawn this skirmish may run,
who will first answer the Grey Piper's skirl?
Nay! I refuse this melée to shun.
none shall be vanquished by SlipofaGirl.

* * * Per ardua ad publisher * * *

( aaahhhh.. that feels better..

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