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Originally Posted by galaxy flyer View Post
Does AC have the authority to use the special "FMS RNAV Quiet Bridge" procedure? I've not seen anyone post that bit of info--maybe they don't.
Originally Posted by Jet Jockey A4 View Post
Maybe I am wrong but I believe that is not the approach they were cleared for.
I agree, that was not the correct name for the approach AC 759 was given. The mixed up name on the D-ATIS doesn't help matters in my opinion. Perhaps the Quiet Bridge Visual and FMS Bridge Visual approaches were verbalized correctly on the voice version of the ATIS.

From an earlier post:

Originally Posted by Airbubba View Post
You can hear AC 759 cleared for the FMS Bridge Visual [to 28R] at about 15:45 into this approach control clip (the time seems to be different depending on the .mp3 player used):

This link will time out soon when it hits the 30-day mark so download the clip from liveatc.net if you think you might want to review it later.
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