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Originally Posted by underfire View Post
The damn AC aircraft likley did not even have GPS.....
The 320 in question did not have GPS but is that really an excuse for a VFR approach at night under good visual conditions?

Besides that, not having GPS, the FMS would have used DME/DME for updating which is extremely precise enough to get you to the threshold of a runway.

If what the report states, that the AC drivers did not even recognize the taxiway was full, there is enough intent in that statement alone to prevent those 2 from doing that again.
I totally agree...

What bothers me is the fact they allowed the CVR to be over written perhaps purposely to cover their mistake(s).

Then in there statement to the NTSB they claim they never saw any aircrafts on taxiway C, so why did the initiate a "GO Around" at 85 feet AGL if they absolutely thought they were landing on RWY 28R?

Sounds to me like they are covering up, in other words lying about the whole incident, if so they should to be fired.

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