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To: bugdevheli
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What you say may be true but the cyclic control limit plate is in conflict with the design specifications of the FAA for helicopters. The other thing may have to do with bell crank throws but it is the method used to adjust the basic pitch of the blades. This is done by adjusting the push rods connected to the swashplate where on any other helicopter this would be done by adjusting the pitch links. When the push rods are adjusted for forward cyclic the range is established by the cyclic limit plate and the push rods adjusted for the blade angle. When checking for aft cyclic range the same push rods are adjusted to get the blade angle. This will change the angle set for forward cyclic and the mechanic is left chasing his tail just like a dog.

Read the R-22 maintenance manual and see if you can make sense of the main and tail rotor rigging procedures.

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