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I agree with riff_raff, and would even modify his statement by saying 180degF would be too hot for anyone to touch.

I work on high precision machining equipment for my business. While touring a machine with a new [email protected] thermometer in hand, I was checking the temps of all sorts of mechanisms. I was particularly interested in the hydraulic system, knowing from too many experiences that pumps and valves had inflicted pain. What's this? Only 125degF (52C) hurt enough that I couldn't touch it for 2 seconds without yanking my hand away. I was fascinated to realize how little above our body temperature was the threshold of pain. It's also interesting that poking my finger in a cuppajoe might feel hot, though it might not be as hot as I prefer to drink it.

As riff_raff says, it may seem quite hot to our touch, and yet nothing to tough steel. It needs to be actually measured and then investigated. Feeling hot to the touch could mean 130 or 530, just irrelevant.
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