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PPL done at FIS 2017

I just wanted to relate my overall good experience with FIS. Not having flown for 35 years on my FAA CPL I picked up flight training again in 2015, one yesr before my retirement at age 60. It was reactivated with a flight review in 2016.I attempted to convert it to an EASA PPL but needed some additional training which turned out sporadic mainly due to bad weather and aircraft being intensively booked. In spring this year I finally decided to give it a try with FIS hoping to get ready for the PPL skill test within a reasonable period. I must say it was a full success. I had given myself two weeks from arriving to departing Jerez and it was done within that time frame with intensive flight traing despite a few days of marginal weather. I can confirm an earlier report in this forum about the training emphasis on safety and emergency situations, stall recoveries and engine-out procedures. Staff were very helpful especially two gentlemen I must mention, one being Bredin Harding who did all the arrangements to make it work and the other one my instructor Nick Davies who is an intuitive teacher with just the right feeling to give you the confidence you need to make you a better pilot.
I might actually repeat the experience for my CBIR this year. If I do, stay tuned for another report.
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