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This exit from Flybe by Loganair is so like Brexit, maybe lets call it 'Flexit'.

Prior to this Flexit, Flybe were attracting critical mass in terms of drawing in the bulk of regional airlines inside the UK and Ireland, a logical aspiration. Loganair had Scotland covered, Blue Islands, the Channel Islands, Stobart, Ireland and a growing presence in the UK through SEN in Flybe colours. Now arguably the largest regional airline (counting Loganair/ bmiregional as an entity) outside of Flybe itself exit the brand. There is no doubt like the EU, Flybe will want to set an example and prove to the existing franchisees how futile an exercise it would be to contemplate an exit of the Flybe branding.

Ironically, I believe that history will show that many potential airlines will look at this predatory behaviour of Flybe (IMHO that is what it is) and draw a line under any potential opportunity to work with Flybe.

Flybe themselves are not doing this themselves, they are bringing Eastern to the party. An airline who has traditionally positioned itself as a business airline with very high fares on niche routes. If Flybe seriously had an interest in this traditionally Loganair market that it is now focussing on, it would have done it on its own on its own metal.

Mr. Hinkle's has to complemented for his approach here, widespread marketing and clear communication of the differentials between the airlines. This is a powerful story that if told consistently and through the right channels will win the hearts and minds of the locals in Scotland. The consumer has been used to booking on, and now the specific risk and challenge is that the consumer doesn't change behaviours and continues to book at Flybe, that is the challenge that the Loganair team face. Marketing has to be to the fore. I believe that Loganair will protect its patch at all costs, and I wish them and their staff the best of luck in this battle.
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