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Perhaps a topic for another thread but all this designing humans out of everything worries me.
public appetite for human crew sitting in the same machine as the passengers
I would say 90% of people if the worse comes to the worst would rather have another human at the helm. In addition I think as a species we need to be doing. I can't see in reality that this level of automation will be common place. Perhaps in certain instances and to a certain level but not complete.

All the pilots i know love their job.
good to know

@reverserbucket I appreciate your balanced honesty on this. I'm glad you can still say
I love my job
. I get that the novelty of anything wears off and the only thing that determines happiness is your personal attitude.
moaning about T's&C's, roster patterns, FTL's, bids for leave etc.
that said on reflection, the jobs I've moaned about the most with colleagues are the ones deep down I've enjoyed the most.

So having read comments my thoughts... If I get this train gig and I'm earning enough I will be pursuing aviation as a hobby in the next couple of years - for me part of the enjoyment would be learning to fly on instruments to a commercial standard and having a decent understanding of the environment etc. With that in mind, given that most private pilots who actually keep it up probably spend enough to fund a modular fATPL just maintaining their ppl (give a few extra hours) over the course of 10 years. If I add licenses/ratings as I go I haven't really lost anything and still have a decent job. If I can get paid to continue my hobby at the end of it it's a bonus and I'll be in a better position to judge along the way where I want to take it...

You'll no doubt have more of an idea on the realities of that. One hurdle I can see is balancing the job with training particularly with the cpl.

@Chris the Robot would you mind me messaging you separately at some point?. Would be good to have your insight as a new train driver.
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