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I think regardless of how good a job is, once it becomes "the new normal", it becomes seemingly less enjoyable. A lot of things are like that if you ask me, hobbies, a new car etc.

Do take a look at DOO dispatch and it's implications before you join the railway. In the past, it didn't really cause drivers a huge amount of concern. However, post James Street in particular, the CPS does seem to take much more interest in train dispatch incidents where a passenger is injured or killed, even if it was primarily the result of the passenger's own actions. Prosecutions are rare though there is a case going through the courts at the moment concerning a driver (Hayes and Harlington). I haven't heard of airline pilots prosecuted in the UK since the Penta Hotel incident for situations where they tried their best, "just culture" seems to have moved things forward. Quite a few UK rail operators don't really do "just culture" and are only beginning to learn the lessons that the airlines learned in the 1980's. Nontheless, the railways can be a very enjoyable and rewarding career, just don't go in thinking it's all sunshine and be prepared to cover your back. There are quite a few people driving trains that wanted to go into a piloting role but were turned off by the cost.

As for aviation, I haven't had much exposure to the commercial side though I take the view that your ability to get in will be made much more favourable if you have loads of cash. I did hear somewhere that the CAA were putting the airlines under a bit of pressure regarding sponsorship programmes because they were worried about a shortage of quality, whether there's any truth in that at all I don't know. As for the Guinness, you guessd correctly!
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