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Cranford Agreement is gone and a third runway is coming so late evening 09L departures will likely be more common to share the noise pain.
Aren't the north-turning departing flights from 09L unprotected by the 6.5km noise monitors ?

The July 2014 "Decision" on the position for new monitors said :
We have therefore decided that the proposed sites (and their positional adjustments) are the best available and should be implemented accordingly at the approximate locations indicated in the Stage 2 Consultation document, although we accept that the precise location for any new monitor may be subject to final landowner agreement.
To operate the northern runway efficiently for easterly departures, and following any final planning approval, changes are first required to some of Heathrow's taxiways which we understand could take several months (or years). However, we see no reason for this to delay any new monitoring arrangements, as 09L departures are currently not prevented from taking place when operational conditions allow.
What chance them getting them up and running ?
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