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I love my job but that doesn't stop me and by far the majority of my colleagues moaning about T's&C's, roster patterns, FTL's, bids for leave etc. Flying presents it's own problems and when you have a spouse and family to consider and keep happy, the interesting and enjoyable aspects that enticed you originally can wear thin. You meet some great individuals and the flying can be excellent but it is also largely repetitive and, as with any job, your colleagues one day are not necessarily those you would choose to socialise with, however you may spend many hours in the cockpit and perhaps the odd nightstop with them downroute. Other days can be fantastic. That said and despite my possibly negative sounding comments, if you met me or those who I've flown with, I feel confident you and they would confirm my enthusiasm is infectious and that I have a highly sociable temperament. I have also worked in office environments.
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