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Why? I can't understand a word, that's a form of torture for me in the same way that un-named (Virgin Atlantic or Phillipine Airlines) heavy A340s are to you. People whispering and smoking pot beneath my window annoy me more than 777s heading for the far east. People get annoyed for different reasons but the Cranford Agreement is gone and a third runway is coming so late evening 09L departures will likely be more common to share the noise pain.
If it materially affects your life, you need to move. Honest answer.

Also to be clear, there is NO curfew per se. There are restructions on out of normal hours ops but no curfew. The number of nights 09L is even used post 2300 and the said A340 has been delayed can be counted on one hand I would think? The last A340 heading West is the VS025 about 8pm btw.
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