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Originally Posted by dragon man View Post
Here's a good rumour I picked up today. They are so stretched for training capacity that they are considering parking some 747s because of lack of crew. A 380 Captain I know of has had a simulator session cancelled 4 times due lack of a support pilot. The wheels are coming off!!!!
I believe the A380 sim has been offline causing disruption. 747 is running just fine but yes it is busy. 737 training has all but been put on hold to complete the current backlog and to train TRE/TRI. The airforce is being looked at to complete some training...so are the wheels falling off? Probably not... but the current training year slot allocations are probably very optimistic and allocations and crewing are fire fighting. What else did anyone expect? At least the execs got their 15/16 and 16/17 bonuses huh.
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