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Originally Posted by kcockayne View Post
AUR operated 2 DHC6 a/c some time ago - I think that it was late '80s or early 90s. They gave up on them after a few years & the reason stated was that the short flights & the sea air gave them operational problems. I am not a mechanic, so,I don't really understand what those problems were. But, the airline definitely had a problem with the a/c & the engines - enough to take them out of service.
If that were the case because of the 'sea air', how come so many Twotters fitted with floats & operating inter-island on the sea water are still in service? There will always be an issue with corrosion - I mean Loganair flies Twotters to Barra, and the impact of the sand hitting the engines must be far greater, yet they still run them? I've read that the new Viking Twotters field performance is 13% greater than the 228NG's & fitted with new engines >> source

I think Aurigny are just poor at sourcing in the right aircraft for the job, hopefully at some point BN will come out with a NG of the Trislander, but in my opinion the Twin Otter is the best out there for these sort of operations :
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