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Interesting indeed. I'm not a captain but the T&C's are there for all to see.

Rostering - 5 lates, 4 off, 5 earlies, 3 off. 28 days reserve (flexi roster) once every 5 months roughly. Various options for preferential bidding coming April next year, so we're told (all lates/earlies, no nightstops/transitions, etc).
Basic - 98,500 approx. Reduced to 90% for first 6 months.
Sector pay - 30 approx for nominal sector (x .8 short, 1.2 med, 1.5 long, 2.5 extra long). Expect probably about 1,200pm.
Pension - minimum 2% from you, 7% from company.
LOL - 1.3x basic salary unless you up it yourself.
Bonus - 2yr anniversary = 5% basic, 5yr = 10%, 10yr+ = 15%. Christmas bonus if PBT met and/or management feel like it.
Healthcare - none. Company said they'd look into it which ultimately means it's not happening any time soon.

Worth noting that basic/sector pay will increase by RPI+2% in October if the latest pay deal goes through.

Have to say I've never heard of anyone leaving BA to come to EZY. I have however heard of several (long serving) captains, swathes of FOs and even the occasional trainer all leaving to sit in the right hand seat at BA. If you can do 5 long days on the trot with your roster changing in-between then you'll cope, otherwise I'd factor in going 75% at some stage.

I too am in the pool for BA and have umm'd and aah'd for several months now, but am pretty sure I'll make the move if the opportunity arises. Do remember, seniority means nothing in EZY - in x many years, you'll still be doing the same 5 brutal earlies. It'll only get better for you at BA.

On the plus side for EZY of course - home every night (nearly), great people, great training, lots of bases.
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