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Ref approach speeds, consider that, for a light civil certification, the OEM is only going to do that which is required by the design standards to show compliance. There may be other, data gathering, flights undertaken but the user out on the real world can't be sure of that or what, if any, data may have been obtained.

Basically, if one operates outside what is in the AFM/POH, one ought to presume that one is experimenting and may come across the odd surprise here or there.

For me, short field on a civil lightie, is an approach and landing as per the speed schedule and technique described in the POH.

(... yes, I know, we've all done it and it was great fun .. but, perhaps, we ought not to have done so ? If the evidence is there for the inquiry, subsequent discussions might not be pretty at all)

Different ball game for a military certification ...

I hope we all realise that stall speed is not the speed below which an aircraft immediately stalls?

.. if one does it the way the OEM FT folk did it .. then my money is on it having much the same sort of result ... However, the usual training stall is not the certification stall so I guess that is where your comment comes from ? That's not to suggest that the usual training stall makes much sense but that's the way it is, I guess.
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