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Originally Posted by aroa View Post
Fork tail and Hiway have obviously never spent the time to master or enjoy the eccentricities of the family of Austers. Takes a while but worth it. All have their own quirks of the Mark.
Press 'Like' for Austers !!

I see at the local field modern spamcans getting bent; wheel-barrowing, dropped in, or long floats with bounds ending in dinged props, flat tyres and bent nose legs.
They all have their requirements for piloting skills.! Just like Austers.

And on the short field note.. In the "Drover" POH the instruction was...
'Land as normal and carefully apply the brakes'

They have done mining surveys in extreme temperatures (Lang Hancock). Some were aerobatic. They have operated from water on floats. They have worked in alpine areas and Antarctica on skis. They were launched from Landing Craft with JATO bottles. They were used by Army and RAF for just about everything. that wasn't direct combat. And Johnie Johnson managed to evade an Me109 in one!

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