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Originally Posted by caity View Post
Hi lakupipu, sorry for the delayed response! When you say you are staying for a week after the stage 3, are you hoping to get all the medical stuff out of the way by then? Because there's no way it happens that quick! I'm still waiting for a date for my medical, hopefully sooner rather than later. In terms of all of the forms, you fill them all in and either send them off online or via post, but you will need to get a medical in person. If NATS give you permission, you can get it done by another AME that isn't the one NATS pay for in London. I have no idea if you can get it done by a medical examiner in Spain, perhaps worth finding out if there is one certified by the CAA that you could go to to save you travelling back to the UK just for a medical?
Medical needs to be done in the UK, but because there is a huge crisis with AMEs, do not expect to get it booked anytime soon...
If you are flying from Spain, you only need to spend one day here for Stage 3.
Regarding documents, you need to send them by MAIL.
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