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Originally Posted by Marshallb View Post
what's made easyJet a success
If that's an application question this year then you'll find tons of resources on the corporate easyJet website and other such aviation websites. PPRuNe isn't the place to find those answers for the airline is assessing you as the individual. Grab a bit of paper and brainstorm the hell out of it before then trying to squeeze all of the juicy detail into a character/word limit. There's plenty out to be found as the company sure isn't afraid of shouting past success.

Here's the link:
easyJet Corporate Website

You'll find tons of info in here too:
easyJet 2017 Half Year Results

Think passenger numbers, think fleet expansion, think revenue per seat and the way they're driving down costs to increase it. I'd also look how it's fighting back on competition in key markets etc..etc. All of this is found at the second link. You want to show the team at the FTO/easyJet you've gone digging for treasure and not simply writing gibberish. Having worked in recruitment before it's obvious when it's' the latter.

Good luck!

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