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Thank you, much appreciated.

In short, yes it's provided alongside all of your contracts etc.

Payment wise, I couldn't possibly comment on what your own schedule would be like. MPL and airline courses vary considerably and payments amounts be larger in value per instalment albeit with less instalments overall. The payment schedule for my Whitetail course went something like this:
  • ~5k deposit with contract
  • ~5k 1 month prior to starting
  • ~24,800 Whitetail Foundation payment in month 5 paid to L3 Airline Academy.

Note, the bond payments of ~5,300 also started in month 5 and are paid until the balance of training is cleared. Bond payments are made out to the sponsoring body which is a separate legal entity altogether. I'm now 11 months into my course and a grand total of 78,000 indebted to various parties. It's an investment that shouldn't be taken lightly for that figure haunts me on the daily especially when BBVA are so kind to remind you of the interest in your monthly statement.

I hope that helps.

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