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There is a big difference between common sense and a (un)permitted procedure in the minds eye of airline management.
The safe (career) option is to shut down, await a pushback team to manoeuvre the a/c off the runway. Yes you blocked the rwy and caused half a dozen diversions and delays. But you are legally safe. Will no doubt get a call from someone to discuss the incident, but you followed the letter of the AFM. Do not go to jail.
The common sense option is what the crew did, well it was common sense if they did it without damage to anything/anyone, unfortunately what would have once been an interesting anecdote down the pub is now all over YTube and your ass is in a sling with the airline management.
I know what they did and I know what I'd do and the only thing that would change my course of action is if some other a/c needed to do a priority landing.
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