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Originally Posted by Parson View Post
A commander can reasonably expect pax load to be readily available.
Flying as a passenger on a commercial flight, have you ever been asked for your weight? Or put on scales? Me neither, so how is the "commander" supposed to know the exact passenger weight?

And flying in the executive sector as I do, it would be the commander's own task to approach Mr. CEO or Mrs. Celebrity and ask: "Excuse me Madam/Sir, but you certainly don't look as if you fit our standard passenger mass, so would you please be so kind and tell me, what your exact weight would be?" Sorry, but the job market is not good enough (yet) to ask this kind of question

And regarding the original question: Flying IFR commercially since 25 years I have had to do two to five checkrides a year, depending on the number of classes/types in my license. Not once have I been asked by an examiner to show a loadsheet. (The only time ever must have been on my initial PPL checkride). However, if an examiner would explicitely ask for a loadsheet this would be the ideal opportunity to ask him/her about his/her weight, wouldn't it?
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