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Originally Posted by rotor-rooter View Post

I wonder if they will share the results?
I am sure that if a lot of E&P workers were to reply positively then they would.

More relevant is that the industry in the North Sea changed. Operators/customers increased the use of medium types and many more of these have been introduced. I can see the use of the S92s being reduced and the mediums taking up a bigger share of the market.

What the Bergen crash seems to have been is a catalyst for this change.

AH have a decision to take on their new large helicopter, the mock-up shown in Paris asking as many questions as it answered. This survey is likely to have been issued partly to tell them how closely it can resemble the 225 and still sell, as evolution rather than revolution is always the preferred design approach.

Returning the 225 to the North Sea in any significant quantity has always seemed unrealistic in my opinion - but when you have a lot of history and personal in investment in a product it is very hard to let go.

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