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Originally Posted by Johnny [email protected] Pants View Post
I don't, all I know is that over the last 13 years that I have been at Jet2 there have been no redundancies made or threatened due to economic downturns, by comparison the bottom of the seniority list has been culled on at least one, if not more occasions.

With regards to T's and C's, I can't argue, Jet2 don't stack up against Thomson, but not many airlines do.
Much of what you have posted is illinformed and speculative! Redundancies were made at Thomson because it changed its business model and got rid of the low cost side of the business - Thomson fly. I could speculate and say these things could happen elsewhere. Just because your 13 years (wow!) with Jet2 have not seen redundancies does not mean that if the company were faced with this dilemma, it wouldn't follow suit. Unless Jet2 is a charity run for the benefit of its pilots. But I speculate.

T&Cs better than Jet2 at: BA, VS, TCX, TOM

Sort it out. Help Jet2 to get T&Cs up to where they should be!
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