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UK pilot to work in the US as a CFI

I have been around the forums quite a bit the last few weeks, and have been finding it difficult to find any real answers.
I am fully aware that the process is very difficult but not impossible, as I know pilots who have managed this in the past.
My hope is that someone on here who may have had a similar experience can shed some light on the process and how to make my dream a reality.
I am almost at the end of my training in the UK and will have my FI and frozen ATPL.
I understand that to be able to work in the US you need a work visa or permanent residence and must have a full ATP in order to work for the airlines.

My question is this. Is it possible to work as an instructor for flight training schools located throughout the states? ( In terms of offering EASA training, or would any school be willing to sponsor me if I choose to my further FAA training with them?)
My course mate who trained for his PPL in the States has said there were many foreign pilots and his examiner was from the same school he attended in Edinburgh! It's possible!
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