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Aero Mad, you make some good points , as usual. I acknowledge the points you make & accept what you are trying to convey. Indeed, I did say that AUR have a difficult task to operate as they do &, at the same time, make a profit - which they don't ! I used the term PSO simply to acknowledge what is a de facto situation - if not a legal one. The fact is, AUR operate the Alderney routes at a loss (as probably any airline would).BCI have the same problem (not the PSO), but they are privately bailed out ! (for how much longer ?).
However, as said many times, the Dornier fiasco has been just that; & has yet to be sorted out. It has been well over ten years in the making - how long do AUR need ? The operational losses just go on & on & surely the Guernsey taxpayer has a right to state whether it wants to continue shelling out.
The next thing that it will be asked to fund is the totally unnecessary runway extension which, if it happens, will only make matters worse for AUR, in that it could bring EZY into the equation &,if so, put extra pressure on AUR.
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