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On the other hand...

Given that the intent of the instruction has been held within mandated procedures since Adam was a boy the current furore seems a little misplaced. Have the management of AsA felt the need to be seen to be doing something?

Yes there has been a review of Breakdown of Separation, and yes a common theme is aircraft on direct (call it amended if you want) tracking. The interesting thing would be to break it down and look at how in what proportion of incidents direct tracking was a CONTRIBUTORY factor. Lots more aircraft are availing themselves of improved navigation and airspace management tools available to ATC - therefore the proportion of aircraft tracking via other than ERC routes is higher. Ergo more of the aircraft involved in incidents will be tracking this way. We could also argue that breakdown of separation incidents are contributed to by aircraft using FMS. 20 years ago there were none.

Get the drift?
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