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Van driver dies after migrants block road outside Calais

The driver of a Polish van was killed when it crashed into lorries stuck behind a barricade erected by migrants on a motorway near Calais. The van burst into flames. The heavy lorries had stopped in front of tree trunks placed by UK-bound migrants across the A16 coastal road between Dunkirk and Calais. Police were unable immediately to identify the driver.

The crash, which happened just before dawn yesterday, brought demands from lorry drivers’ unions for greater security. Migrants heading for the UK have streamed back into the area since the closure of the Calais Jungle camp. The 7,000 residents of the camp were moved out in October, mainly to refugee centres around France. However, some stayed in the area and hundreds have returned.

Roadblocks by migrants have caused accidents before but this is the first time that they have led to a fatality. On Monday refugees at the same spot as yesterday’s accident obstructed the road and pelted lorries with stones.

Nine Eritrean migrants found in one of the lorries held up by yesterday’s roadblock were arrested, an official from the Pas-de-Calais regional prefecture said. The men, who are believed to have boarded the vehicle at the barricade, were likely to face charges of manslaughter and obstructing traffic, police said........

Gérard Collomb, the French interior minister, has ordered even tighter security measures around Calais to prevent it from once again becoming home to large numbers of would-be British asylum seekers. He said that three extra units of mobile police had been sent to the town to “prevent disturbance of public order and fight the networks of people smugglers”. Mr Collomb said last night that he would visit Calais over the coming days and those responsible for blocking motorways would be punished.
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