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Originally Posted by 2 sheds View Post
Your OP said that the service was changing to A/G. The announcement that you have now attached specifies AFIS.
You implied "RIP all the ATCOs" - and yet the obvious source of AFISOs would be the existing ATCOs.
2 s
????? Implied nothing just reported that the Aerodrome was moving to a non radar, non aerodrome control service. Quite where your "RIP all the ATCOs" comes from is your own reading between the lines. AFIS - A to G or FISO service is all somewhat irrelevant. A fully rated ADI APS ATCO is not going to work on as a FISO; thus the reason they can't sustain a service at the moment the ATCOs are leaving for other jobs.

It's been obvious that this has been coming for some time; full Radar ANSP is an expensive commodity that a GA centric aerodrome cannot sustain.

And 2s - mate you need to get less abrasive :-)

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