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Day 8: 1997-05-27

ATW Retro-blog: 1997-05-27
Pskov (RU) – Moscow Sheremetyevo (UUEE – RU)
360nm; 4h05; Hughes (833) / Purchase (962)

Procedural conflict to start with: ATC insisted the aircraft fly at 3,300m altitude along airways; aircrew insisting they could not do that, having no oxygen and the aircraft not being equipped to follow airways. The compromise was to fly ‘as high as possible’ and report “Level 3,300m”. - and remain clear of cloud. Fueling and settling bills took an age and they finally departed 5 hours after arriving at the airport. Such practices were to be the norm across Russia.

ATC insisted on vectoring the flight some 30 miles off course and then towards Sheremetyevo for a close base and landing, in between commercial traffic. Met by the British Air Attaché who had four 25 litre drums of oil , to be stowed in the Islander, for consumption by the Chipmunks.

Unusual visitors at the Sheremetyevo Business Terminal

Islander and a Tu-154 [a jump-seat ride on which is quite an experience, trust me!]

Day 8: ULOO-UUEE 360 nm, 4.08 hrs, GS 88 kts. Cumulative 1771 nm, 19.5 hrs, Average GS 91 kts.

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